It Takes The Smooth Comfort of Gas Furnace Heat to Enjoy Whole-Home Warmth.

To get the perfect combination of comfort features and energy efficiency for your home, consider an all-star gas furnace from Expert Air HVAC of Valparaiso. From the top-of-the-line Evolution 987M through the solidly build Legacy™ line furnaces, Bryant® furnaces from Expert Air HVAC perform.

Complete Comfort, Energy Savings and Exceptional Service from Expert Air HVAC. Contact us today for a free estimate for a new or replacement high-efficiency furnace system! Our system pays for itself in energy savings!

Home Comfort Components of our exclusive Bryant® furnace systems:

  • Extra Gas Efficiency
    The secondary heat exchanger extends heat transfer for higher efficiency use of heating fuel and is backed by a lifetime parts limited warranty.

  • Continuous Comfort
    Direct-drive variable-speed blower motor operates at the precise speed needed to deliver quiet, dependable heating and improved humidity control.

  • Efficiency and Comfort
    Our modulating gas valve offers multiple stages of heating, and our two-stage gas valve providers high and low-stage options. Either way, you'll enjoy low-stage heating the majority of the time and higher heating stages for extreme weather conditions. It means consistent temperature control with minimal "swings" in comfort.

  • Reliability
    Count on the Bryant® Perfect Light™ igniter to reliably bring the heat when you need it.

  • Intelligent Operation
    You could say we control our own destiny, because Bryant® systems offered by Expert Air HVAC are the only manufacturer that designs both the furnace AND the control board. Adaptive intelligence, Fan On Plus™ adjustable constant fan function, and SmartEvap™ moisture control technology are a few of the functions that set Bryant Evolution® System from Expert Air HVAC models apart from the competition.

  • Economical, Low-Noise Operation
    Our variable-speed and two-speed inducer motors alternate between higher and lower speed operation ensuring extra-high efficiency and extra-low noise operation.